Why Rebel Girls?

Why Rebel Girls?

Alankrita Malhotra

“We’ve begun to raise our daughters more like sons. But few have had the courage to raise our sons like our daughters.”  -Gloria Steinem

Look at the world around you, what do you see?

Well to put it in more specific terms, what roles do you see?

Not saying the importance of roles in society is only negative, it does help make society more efficient on a whole.

It’s only when roles begin to be stereotyped. When certain roles are allocated to a certain group of people on no real logical reason at all.

We often hear, “Well how much more equality do you want? You’ll start putting boys down.” Why “Rebel Girls”?

How do you think a rebel arises? By fighting against norms. By fighting against rules. By breaking boundaries. The real question here is, why do these rules, these norms, these boundaries exist? Quite aptly put by Ruth Messigner, “It’s not rebels that cause trouble, but trouble that makes rebels.”

And the problem here is, we often conform. Conform to people saying irrational things like, “Oh you’ve become a mother now, a job isn’t really in the question. Doubt ourselves with questions such as,”I’m not as strong as him, he’s a boy. How can I ever win?”

It’s not just an abstract term, this term of “Gender Equality”

We like to think it plagues only ‘rural underdeveloped areas’.

Have you not heard slurs like “Wow you lost from a girl, have you no respect?”

Or have you never seen a teacher ask two boys to volunteer to carry a table? Here to change this notion, to bring to you successful strong women that have excelled in careers society deemed to be ‘unfit’ for women, is Rebel Girls, changing the world one story at a time.


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