Gender Equality is a Human Rights Fight

Gender Equality is a Human Rights Fight

– Kartikeya Singh

“Gender Equality is not a women’s right but is afight for human rights” – we often publicize such quotes and notions, in order to curb patriarchy, however we simultaneously, while fighting the good fight, keep the needs and aspirations of women excluded. Despite knowing the fact that a disaster doesn’t hit people according to their gender, stereotypical gender roles and the so-called “traditional way of life” holds us back from treating all genders equally. Why is it that we refuse to recognize what women do for society as a whole? Why are women still considered to be subject to authority – primitive and incapable of functioning independently? Instead of considering women to be a burden during crises, they should ideally be given the opportunity to explore their talents; prove themselves- that is how the world can be made a better place. If a woman is not able to raise her voice, you don’t interrupt her, but provide her with a microphone; literally and metaphorically. Let’s take the example of a crisis that seems to have bought the world to a standstill today; the COVID 19 Pandemic. Which was the first country to completely free itself from the virus? It was New Zealand. And how did this come about, you may ask? The Prime Minister is a woman. When the discrimination and stereotypes are forgotten, glass ceilings are shattered, women are empowered, societies grow. This concept can be applied to all spheres of life. It is time that we treat our daughters, sisters, and mothers not as victims of circumstance, but rather as our saving graces.



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