Hello! I am Nitya Rathi, soon to be 13 years old and currently in middle school, grade 7. I may be young, but I have strong opinions and am not scared to voice them. I love animals, especially dogs, and it is more likely that I will remember the name, age and breed of your pet and than you. I strongly believe in defending those who can’t speak up for themselves, whether an animal or a child being bullied. It is important to me that everyone is treated fairly, irrespective of whether they are rich or poor, girl or boy, able or differently abled, human or animal. Oh! And dancing is my passion- when not playing with my pets, you will find me on my toes trying to perfect my “pirouettes”. For those of you wondering, yes, I do find time to study!

Rebel Girls
~ Nitya Rathi

Women who have changed the whole wide world,
And won over people’s hearts.
By doing something extraordinary,
Like playing the tabla or the sitar.
Changing the world in different ways,
Making sure we all have our own way.
Being the top of I.A.S, even with a disability on hand,
Ira Singha showed them who’s the boss
Anuradha Pal with her magical beasts,
Playing the tabla to make everyone tap their feet.
Jasveen Ahluwalia the non-violence ruler.
There are many more, we hope to see ya.
This is Rebel Girls!
That make us believe,
To go ahead and chase our dreams!
Let’s fight for the right,
To make every girl do what they like.