Hey! My name is Kartikeya Singh and I am 14 years old. I am currently a high school student studying in grade 10. In my free time, you can spot me making periodic checks across the house, switching off electric switches and fans. I am sort of like an energy nazi. I remember once I had turned off my mother’s charging switch, and she almost missed her critical webinar! After all climate change is real. As a board member of my school environment club, I actively advocate for achieving sustainable development goals with my fellow students. When not buried in my books, you will find me debating on topics ranging from the latest drake album to how Asian values should be preferred over western practices.

For me gender equality is not just about levelling the playing field for women in terms of leadership and politics. But rather ensuring that women are granted equal rights across all spheres of life. If a woman is travelling by bus, she should be allowed to get a seat according to how she desires. If a woman is working in the hospital, she should be given a salary and working hours equal to her fellow male healthcare workers. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 women across the world don’t have this privilege. And I want to raise our voices for them.